Saturday, June 14, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008: Second Match Rankings

Two matches in the books for everyone and the group winners have already been determined. Here's how the team's stack up through 16 games.

1. Holland (1)
2. Portugal (3)
3. Spain (4)
4. Croatia (8)
-By wrapping up their groups early, the top four all have the advantage of resting key players in advance of their quarterfinal matches.

5. Germany (2)
6. Sweden (5)
7. Romania (10)
8. Czech Republic (6)
-The Germans should have no problems reaching the quarters, but they'll face Portugal a round earlier than expected. Although they have only one goal in two games, Romania's two draws against France and Italy are a solid accomplishment.

9. Turkey (15)
10. Italy (12)
11. Russia (14)
12. France (7)
-Gigi Buffon's penalty kick save against Romania was one of the greatest ever and sets Italy up for a classic showdown against France.

13. Poland (11)
14. Switzerland (9)
15. Austria (16)
16. Greece (13)
-The Swiss deserve better than zero points through two games, but there they sit, joining Greece as the only two sides eliminated from the tournament.

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