Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

With Chelsea's 2-0 win over Newcastle yesterday, it's all to play for in the Premier League this Sunday. Regardless of the results, this will be the closest Premier League finish since Manchester United edged Arsenal by one point in 1999, ironically the last time ManU reached the Champions League Final.

Manchester United are away to Wigan and Chelsea are home to Bolton. With ManU's lead in goal differential untouchable, Chelsea will need to better the Red Devils' result to cop their third title in four years. Prediction: both teams take care of business and Manchester United wins the title, decided on goal differential for the first time in EPL history.

At the other end of the table, Fulham, Reading and Birmingham will battle to avoid relegation, with two of those three teams joining Derby in next year's Coca Cola Championship.

One of the beauties of the last day of the Premier League season is that all 10 matches kickoff simultaneously at 3 pm. That schedule has resulted in some memorable last day scrambles, such as Blackburn Rovers holding off ManU on the last day despite losing in 1995. We'll see how it all unfolds on Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

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