Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scotland: Back to the Bottom for Gretna

Last week I shared the Cinderella story gone wrong of Scottish side Gretna FC, promoted from the Scottish Third Division to the Scottish Premier League in just three seasons. With the club's survival still in doubt, Gretna were relegated all the way back down to the third division today. They've been given a deadline of next week to get a buyer lined up or else they'll be expelled all together from the SFL.


Anonymous said...

They'll not be missed. Do you think Gretna will survive at all with no players, staff or ground?

Anonymous said...

If you like the story of Gretna, you should definitely read The Miracle of Castel DiSangro by Joe McGinniss. It's the story of an Italian side that makes the same improbable run up the league tables.