Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Haus-keeping" Issues

When I launched this blog in April, my goal was to get everything looking sharp before the start of Euro 2008. I'm happy to announce The Soccer Haus has made a promising debut during its first two months.

The Soccer Haus is now listed on, and posts here will be fed to their news aggreagator. If you're a first-timer here coming over from, welcome! You can also check out stories from other soccer blogs via the news ticker I've added on the right.

The site has had more than 2,500 visitors so far, mostly thanks to Deadspin, which included three of my posts this month. Hope you're enjoying the blog so far. I look forward to new visitors and your comments.

1 comment:

Georgina Best said...

Hey Dan. Found you through Soccerblogs so it is working already! I just joined too.
Unlike you I have only been a footy fan for just over a year but I'm bonkers about it.
Keep up the good work and drop by sometime