Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Evening with Bocanegra

These are the cool things that happen when you live across the street from one of America's best soccer bars. The U.S. Men's National Team came to Chicago last week to play Poland in a friendly at Soldier Field. Smart scheduling by the U.S. for a friendly as Chicago has the second largest Polish-speaking population outside of Warsaw. As part of the week,'s online show, Studio 90, taped that week's episode at SmallBar on Division Street, just a Tim Howard goal kick away from my place.

I showed up a few minutes before the taping was set to begin with team captain Carlos Bocanegra and was told that the crew needed people to fill in the seats right behind the desk. Happy to oblige, especially when "filling in the seats" means you're front and center for the whole show. This was a tough break for anyone hoping one of Bocanegra's attractive female fans might occupy that seat, but a real thrill for me. And Bocanegra was nice enough to sign my mini Jabulani after the taping. Thanks to Phil and the crew at SmallBar for hosting a great event.

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