Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Product Review: G is for Me

Longtime readers of this blog will notice I don't really do product reviews, but if something has a tie to soccer, I'm happy to share my opinion on your Adidas Jabulani balls, your Nike Total90 Laser Elite cleats, or anything else companies care to send me. The folks at Gatorade were nice enough to ship me the handsome press kit below to introduce the three phases of G.

I've actually been using all three products during my Sunday games with the Chicago Liverpool FC Supporters Club co-ed team. Two weeks ago we won two playoff games and came within a half of winning the spring title, so I think the results speak for themselves. Phases 1 and 3 are new products for Gatorade, while phase 2 is a rebranding of the traditional Gatorade and G2 products. As you can see they are designed to help you "prime, perform and recover."

Phase 1, or should I say "01," the "Prime" beverage is a nice pre-game beverage, designed for consumption 15 minutes before kickoff. The taste of the prime series reminds me of a Freeze Pop and the packaging looks like a Capri Sun, so two for two on the warm childhood memories. I like the taste and Prime does seem to give me more energy during games. My only issue is that I don't always get all the G squeezed out of the package and, at four ounces, I wouldn't mind seeing this come in a larger size.

Phase 2 is the Gatorade you've known and loved all these years. I've been drinking Gatorade since the days of glass bottles, and for all the flavor innovation and variety, the original lemon-lime is still my favorite. The branding is confusing with regards to the G2 flavors, since we now have "G2" and "02" on the same labels, and the flavors aren't as distinct on the packaging as they once were, but the product is as good as ever.

Phase 3 is the "Recover" drink, and I've been using these during my training runs for the Chicago Marathon. Series 03 is designed to replace fluids and electrolytes. The drink has a bit of a salty taste, but after you've run 10 miles, you're not as worried about taste. The mixed berry flavor is my favorite. Whether it's the G 03 or just my superior physical fitness, I haven't felt as sore since I started drinking these immediately after runs, so thumbs up to this product. My friend and World Cup mascot, Zakumi, gives his endorsement as well.

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