Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Soccer Haus Mock World Cup Draw

I don't know what Tiger Woods does when his wife is out of town, but when mine is traveling, I do goofy things like this: stage a mock World Cup draw. With today's announcement of the four pots that will hold the 32 teams for Friday's draw in South Africa, it was time to put slips of paper into ice cream bowls and see how things shake out. My son's stuffed elephant, Stampy, kept watch.

And the results?
Group A: South Africa, Honduras, Uruguay, France
Group B: Italy, USA, Cameroon, Denmark
Group C: England, New Zealand, Ivory Coast, Greece
Group D: Netherlands, Mexico, Chile, Slovenia
Group E: Germany, Australia, Nigeria, Switzerland
Group F: Spain, South Korea, Paraguay, Slovakia
Group G: Argentina, North Korea, Ghana, Serbia
Group H: Brazil, Japan, Algeria, Portugal

The French get off pretty easy with the Group A draw; they face the weakest one-seed, the fourth-place team from CONCACAF and the fifth-place team from South America. South Africa might actually be able to get out of that group. The USA's Group B draw is tough, but not impossible. England-Ivory Coast would be a great match in Group C- Terry and Lampard face Drogba.

The Netherlands, Germany and Spain should all like their chances to win Groups D, E and F. Ghana could be a surprise winner in Group G and Brazil-Portugal would highlight the matches in Group H.

Friday's affair in Cape Town will be a little more glamorous than the stuffed animal attended draw at my house. Let's see if the official results are any different.

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