Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Soccer Haus Joins Forces with The Far Post

Since November I've been playing soccer on Sundays with fellow members of the Liverpool FC Supporters Club of Chicago in a league run by Chicago's Windy City Wanderers. I hadn't played organized soccer in 18 years, but it's been great fun putting on the Jamie Carragher jersey each week and playing for the Reds. (I'm the only person on the team not wearing a Gerrard or Torres jersey, at least until my brother-in-law and his Dirk Kuyt jersey return in the fall.)

WCW has its own blog, The Far Post, and I've been asked to contribute occasional columns to their site. So coming soon you'll have twice as many places to enjoy my semi-insightful soccer commentary. And for those of you coming over here from The Far Post for the first time, welcome!

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