Tuesday, June 10, 2008

World Cup 2006: Two Years Later

On this day two years ago my brother and I left New Jersey on a flight to Frankfurt, Germany and the 2006 World Cup. Rarely is there a day when I'm not reminded of a moment from that trip, from the three games we saw in person, to the five tournament cities we visited, to the dozens of random, hilarious moments that filled the week. Watching Euro 2008 has us fondly remembering that trip and if you'd like to read the story of our experiences, you can check them out here. I thought the Dutch deserved a tribute after their big win over Italy yesterday. The picture here is from Stuttgart where we were lucky enough to snag these Dutch overalls before watching from the Fanfest as Holland defeated the Ivory Coast 2-1 on June 15, 2006. Seems like yesterday.

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