Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stuff I Read in World Soccer This Month: June 2008

When I first became interested in the European game in the mid-90's, I was delighted to discover the wealth of information each month in World Soccer magazine. Now with everything you need available on the Word Wide Netweb, WS is no longer the essential reading it once was, but I still enjoy picking up the preview and wrap-up issues for reference and posterity.

With that as your background, I'm adding a new occasional feature: "Stuff I Read in World Soccer This Month," a collection of interesting tidbits.

*Arsenal's newest source of revenue stinks. The North London side have invested in shares of a rare North Sea cod, with plans to sell the stock once the price escalates. I've been looking for more details on this online, but haven't found any. I have this comical image of Arsene Wenger and Cesc Fabregas heading out in a Norwegian fishing boat to catch some cod.

*Nice war of words between outgoing Valencia coach Ronald Koeman his least favorite player, Joaquin. Koeman: "Joaquin cost 30 million pounds, but his displays were worth about 30." Joaquin's response: "What Koeman should be worrying about is the five or six glasses of wine he has with his evening meal."

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