Tuesday, May 13, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008: Place Your Bets

While you can wager on soccer games on just about every street corner in the UK, not to mention inside the stadiums, betting on European games is just a tad less common here in the states. That's why it was exciting to see the odds for Euro 2008 posted prominently at the sports book at The Palms casino in Las Vegas where I was staying Monday night. The Palms was taking bets to win the title and to win the groups. Here are the current odds, last updated on May 5.

Group A
Portugal: 8/1 to win Euro 2008, 6/5 to win Group A
Czech Republic: 15/1, 2/1
Switzerland: 20/1, 19/5
Turkey: 35/1, 9/2

Group B
Germany: 4/1 to win Euro 2008, 5/8 to win Group B
Croatia: 2/1, 6/1
Poland: 40/1, 5/1
Austria: 75/1, 14/1

Group C
Italy: 5/2 to win Euro 2008, 3/2 to win Group C
France: 7/1, 2/1
Holland: 7/1, 11/5
Romania: 28/1, 7/1 (7/1 to win the group? Those odds seem way too short. It would be pretty surprising if Romania wins Group C.)

Group D
Spain: 6/1 to win Euro 2008, 4/5 to win Group D
Sweden: 25/1, 3/1
Greece: 25/1, 4/1
Russia: 28/1, 5/1

In case you were wondering I placed $5 each on Spain and Croatia to win the title.


Juan said...

At those odds, I'd go long on the Russians and short on the Czechs.

Anonymous said...

Portugal have the best player in Europe right now, probably the world, Cristiano Ronaldo even if they lack of prolific striker. Germany are a given to qualify from a relatively weak group and even at skinny odds they look a fair bet to qualify from their group.